The Balkans-Black Sea region is a special geographical area, strategically located on the junction of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Because of its strategic location, it is characterized by numerous opportunities, as well as risks, especially security ones, which, as the history shows, are able to directly influence the global system of international relations. The Balkans-Black Sea region on the one hand is an expanded market and an important center of energy and transport flows, especially after the end of the Cold War and the strengthening of the integration processes in it, but on the other – it is a part of the so-called “arc of instability” (former Yugoslavia – Transnistria – Donbas – Crimea – Abkhazia – South Ossetia – Karabakh), which threatens the safe existence of its countries and largely reduces their opportunities for development and cooperation both among themselves and in the global system of international relations.

Given this, the group of journalists from the region has decided to create the information-analytical platform called “In Focus. The Balkans-Black Sea” (or, in short, just “In Focus”). The aim of the platform is the distribution and exchange of information about the events, occurring in the Balkans and in the Black sea region and having important impact on the local, regional and global level. This is being done through their analysis and expert assessments, as well as through private dialogue and public debates, the results of which are published on the website in the form of expert comments, analytical articles and in-depth studies.

The main topics for the publications on the website are the political, economic and social situations in the countries of the region, the interstate relations, the influence of third countries on the situation in those countries and on the region as a whole.

The contributors to the “In Focus” information-analytical platform are journalists, representatives of NGOs and independent experts from the countries of the Balkan, Black Sea and South Caucasian regions.

The results of the platform’s activity can be of interest for policy-makers, researchers, and all those who are interested in the situation in the region, the real causes and consequences of the important events that take place in it.